Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Quiet Life


Quiet Life

Once each day
a train passes through

the whistle blows—
small town life


by Lori Lipsky


  1. Lori, I love that sound! ...And I miss it, since the train no longer runs through our town. Thanks for bringing to life a fond memory. You have a way with transporting folks here, there and then!

  2. Like Robin, I love train whistles. (Unless they mean I have to wait for 20 minutes at a RR crossing when I am already late for whatever)
    You make small towns full of sounds and textures and life and significance.

    1. Spending time recently in three large cities has helped me to appreciate small town life more.

  3. I've been through Waunakee countless times. Such a cute little town.

  4. After years of debate, the town leaders have decided to put a round about in the center of town, so the road through Waunakee will be under construction (and not so cute) for the next several months.

  5. Really like this poem, Lori. Makes you just want to sit back, sip a lemonade and think.

  6. It's perfect weather today here in Waunakee for lemonade. Thanks, Mary!


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