Friday, January 17, 2014

Reading Catch Up!

Welcome to our new date for reader shares, likes, and book talk.
Did you take time to relax with a few good books over the holidays?

I read the awesome and scary Friend Me by Jay Faubion, a new thriller that's coming out in February. I won't say much except that it's Virtual meets Reality in a really creepy way. Sure to create some good discussion about the state of marriage today, Friend Me explores loneliness and today's society that will make you want to keep your computer cameras off and change your garage door locks often. Watch for it from Howard Books.

I read a cute novella called The Love Thief from homestate author Daisy Jericho. Even more fun, she had pitched the book at an earlier Wisconsin Writers Association conference and, with a few tweaks, scored the contract. A young lady with a boyfriend who set her up as a patsy in a past theft wants to keep her name clear when the jewelry store she works at is robbed. The consultant who works with a detective assigned to the case has a troubling history as well, and sparks fly when the young lady and the consultant match wits to catch the thief.

Christmas Daisy was another cute quick read from Christine Bush. It was recommended by another friend on Facebook, so I tried it. Sweet story about a teacher and principal in a special school in Pennsylvania. I liked the characters and the story. It went awfully quick, though, and this is one of those stories that could be developed into a full-length novel easily. Unfortunately a lot of punctuation errors made me stop and "edit" so often and I felt the story deserved better treatment. Bush has a large repertoire, though, so I will check out a few others.

How about you? Did you read some good stuff?


  1. I read tons over the Christmas break. I read all three of David S. Brody's templar books and one by Stephanie Grace Whitson as well as some books for research for my work in progress. I'm always reading more than one book. Can't imagine life without them!

  2. Thanks for the kind review.I'm really glad you liked Friend Me!

    Everything I wrote is possible with today's technology. There are already many people who live "virtual lives" on social networks and websites like Second Life. People who rarely interact with others. This is real world for many.

    Along with what I hope is a good story, I've tried to emphasize the importance of living a consistent Christian life, and being faithful in your marriage.

    Feel free to visit my website at and follow my blog there. I try to keep it interesting with all sorts of internet security and fraud information.

    John Faubion
    Philippians 4:8


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