Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Bazaar

I’m spending the morning sitting behind a table in the VFW hoping to sell some of my books. If you didn’t know, I’m an author of Christian Historical Fiction. Here’s my website. The local YMCA hosts one each year as a fund raiser. It got me thinking of the difference between festivals and bazaars in rural areas and those in urban.

I’ve gone to an event of this sort when each book has been released. It may not be the fanciest or snazziest book launch there ever was but it also doesn’t cost much and there is a guaranteed attendance. It also fits the small town culture well.

Today’s event is the smallest I’ve done but it’s winter and too cold to be outside as the other events were. The Vet’s is the largest open space in town other than churches. I’ve been to craft shows, bazaars and festivals in urban areas and I’ll take the small venue over the large any day. At the rural events there isn’t the frenetic atmosphere I find at larger ones. It’s much more relaxed. It’s more friendly too.

All morning there will be people I know coming by. The lady with the table beside mine is, though not a friend is an acquaintance I can chat with. People bring copies they have purchased in town for me to sign.
As a fifty something woman the distance from the parking lot through the venue, especially with boxes of books is also a consideration. Last night there were teenage boys who needed to do community service helping vendors carry things in. I have a feeling that wouldn’t happen in larger areas.

There won’t be anymore events of this sort until Rhubarb Fest next June. I’m planning on having at least two more books out by then. I know there are other festivals in the area, larger ones in the cities nearby. I could probably make more money but I think I’ll stick to my smaller venues. I do well enough with them.

All three books are available in print and e-format at and Sample chapters are available at

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  1. That's awesome, Sophie! I love hearing about, and supporting, "small town authors." I write Christian non-fiction...but someday maybe God will lead me into the realm of writing Christian fiction. I love reading it...why not write it, too! ;-]


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