Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Snuggling Up

I grew up in Southern California, where 50 degrees is cold (and sometimes even 60 is :::roll::: ). Where January's average high temperature is 68, and the average low is....wait for it...48.

But even then, I loved sweaters and blankets. Cuddling up in something warm was definitely a favorite pastime.

And, surprisingly (or maybe not), that hasn't changed. Of course, the fact that January's average highs and lows where I live NOW are 31 and 18, respectively don't hurt. And I'm not alone - not by a long shot.

EVERYONE in my house has a favorite blanket (and, fortunately, our favorites are different - or it could get UGLY in the Sher household!). And while some of us use ours more often than others, they're still a fun, and special, part of the winter season.

And on that note: introducing the Sher blankie brigade!
My son would take this blanket ANYwhere (in any season!) if we allowed him to. I've got to admit it's cozy. It also has a tendency to end up dragging things along the floor with it. It is certainly well-loved.
Hubby took this picture of yours truly with MY favorite blankie (which was handmade for me by my dear secret sister from church last fall). For a couple months, this blanket was EVERYONE IN MY FAMILY's favorite (even our cat!).
Soooo - I got my secret sister to make one very similar to it for my daughter for Christmas. She's talented for sure - and my lovely daughter now has a NEW favorite blankie (and I have one less person vying for mine! LOL)
Hubby is pretty sensitive to heat, but even HE likes a cozy blankie every now and then. This one is his favorite for the winter (by the way, he has SHORTS on under it).

For us blanket lovers, 'tis the season!

Do you have a favorite blanket? What's your favorite way to warm up?

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  1. My favorite way to warm up is to head for Florida. Not only does the sun shine but my grandkids' hugs are snuggly.

    1. That sounds like a PERFECT solution, Karen! hehe
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. My favorite blanket is the one my granny made for me years ago.

    1. So special, Cherie. I'm sure it is treasured.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. Great post! We, too, all have our own special blankets. My new favorite is a zebra striped snuggie I got at a flea market for $4. It's great because it has arms so I can write and still be warm!


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