Friday, January 18, 2013

A Faith Building Story you Must Read

I stand in awe as I have been watching a family go through a nightmare to say the least.

This family attends my church and I know them because their daughter Lily was in the Grinch play we had at church a year ago.

If I have my story straight, this is what happened and is now happening.

Sweet Lily who is in the 5th grade developed flu like symptoms. She continued to get worse to the point of her kidneys shutting down. She was transferred from a regular hospital room to the ICU with a new diagnosis of HUS.

Hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) is a condition that results from the abnormal premature destruction of red blood cells. Once this process begins, the damaged red blood cells start to clog the filtering system in the kidneys, which may eventually cause the life-threatening kidney failure associated with hemolytic uremic syndrome.

Most cases of hemolytic uremic syndrome develop in children after several days of diarrhea — often bloody — due to infection with a certain strain of Escherichia coli (E. coli). Adults also may develop hemolytic uremic syndrome after an E. coli infection, but more often the cause is obscure or even unknown.

Though hemolytic uremic syndrome is a serious condition, getting timely and appropriate treatment leads to a full recovery for most people — especially young children

The doctors were concerned for her life. Lily had several blood transfusions and dialysis treatments. She was going from bad to worse.

A decision was made to use a new drug to treat her. Before the drug had a chance to work she was intubated and I think they put her in a coma of sorts.

Meanwhile their 5 year old Liza was brought in with the same condition. Because the doctors new right from the start what they were dealing with, she was treated correctly. The hope was she would not have the intense fight Lily had. Yet, Liza had to have the blood transfusions and the dialysis her sister did.

Through all of this the family has kept everyone updated on face book. The strength and faith in God is amazing. The faith of friends and families for these precious girls and their family has been awesome.

I attended a prayer vigil at the Lily’s elementary school. This public school had close to 100 praying for the healing of the girls and for the family. My goodness. God’s attendance was welcomed that day. To see the community pour out their heart to God when standing side by side with strangers was very emotinal. While we all had a common bond many of us didn’t have a personal connection with each other. It was a holy experience.

Recently, their dad put forth a request that we turn our attention to praising God in hopes the girls would move closer their healings. A great day unfolded that day. The first day without blood transfusions or dialysis.

The journey continues with hills and valleys, but it continues.

This has been a heart wrenching, stay awake at night praying, tear filled, joyful, expectant journey for those of us standing in the circle. I can’t even begin to imagine the words the parents would use to describe.

I encourage you, no I beg you to go to my Farm Wife Facebook page: and scroll down and read the posts concerning Lily and Liza. They are copied from their dad and grampa and it will be so worth your time to see the hand of God work. If I could figure out any other way to share their story I would. But hearing it first hand, in the middle of the battle and then to have them so close to victory is amazing.

My account of their story is brief you need to read it in his own words. It is definitely a faith builder.

I hope their journey encourages you and makes you faith legs stronger.


  1. I just added another post from their dad - this one will blow you away - read and see what God is doing here in Michigan!

  2. Do we serve a great, healing, awesome God or WHAT? What a faith-inspiring story. Thanks so much for sharing!


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