Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Postcards from the Northwoods

This past weekend a snowstorm barreled across the upper Midwest, and everyone started crooning, It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas. As usual, God brush-stroked the canvas of creation in a way that I just can't match with my own feeble Christmas decorations. But, thankfully, He's allowed us a way to capture the essence of its beauty in pictures.

My friend Michelle Krob is a school librarian and parent coordinator by day, and a creative genius of shabby chic refurbishing and re-purposing in her spare time. She also happens to take beautiful photographs, and has allowed me to share last Sunday's "Snowy Day" here with you.

These images were captured in and around Pattison State Park in Douglas County.  

Merry Christmas from Wisconsin's Northwoods! 



This one reminds me of the old photographs taken from early in the 20th century when logging crews skidded giant logs out of the area on horse drawn sleighs.

Wishing you and your loved ones a beautiful Christmas as you celebrate the birth of Jesus, and may your own Winter be a Wonderland.


  1. WOW - gorgeous pictures, Naomi! Merry Christmas to you too :)

  2. Thanks, Joanne. Much merry your way as well!

  3. How gorgeous! Wow! We've had no snow (and secretly, I'm glad;))

    This is how I love snow: in photos!!!

    A blessed holiday from an old blogging friend,

  4. Snow is surely a blessing--when one is snowed in with family! Nowhere to go, nothing to do except capture the beauty on film (or digitally).

    Thanks for sharing these!


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