Monday, December 31, 2012

One Foot Over the Line

It's good to have a plan, trust me, seat of the pants people; but not one that derails the fun of surprise.

Now, that said, setting goals has sort of been a shaky path along a cliff for me. It's like measuring spaghetti - I never seem to get it quite right. Too much, not enough--where's that happy medium? It's like getting your annual review at work, which always seem to point out that thing you did back in February, the one you and everybody else but the boss forgot, never the huge good thing you did in August, or that sale you made in October. Maybe it's a Midwestern thing, to focus on the failures rather than the accomplishments. But the point is to GROW. Against all odds, from a bulb...

It's good to have a direction, something to reach for, even when you're out of your comfort zone.

Businesses depend on them, and as we're a bunch of writers trying to show you what our world looks like, I'll throw the gauntlet. You never know, even if you plan, what might come of them.

My goals for the next year are:
  • Learn to market in at least two new out of the box ways
  • Attend at least one workshop to grow me and my craft
  • Teach in at least two mediums
  • Publish at least two of the First Children of Farmington series, depending on my partner
  • Write at least one new novel
  • Continue to pare down the contents of my home
  • Move at least ten percent closer to my income goal that I set ten years ago 

To hopefully bloom into something lovely and surprising.


  1. This is such a great pairing of words and photos.
    Well done, and we look forward to hearing as 2013 draws to a close that you accomplished these goals. Plus a few. Especially the last one. Happy New Year Lisa, and may your year be full of lovely surprises!

  2. I loved reading your goals, Lisa! It's inspired me to do the same.

    Loved your photo sequence, too! Happy New Year to you and your husband!

  3. Thanks for putting your goals out there, Lisa! I know you'll do well in 2013 as always! Happy New Year to you and thanks for being so wonderfully supportive and a huge inspiration. You rock.

  4. I loved it! I have a few of these on my list as well first and foremost PURGE CONTENTS of HOME and Barn :)

  5. Beautiful! The post AND the flower. I need to write out my goals, too...

  6. that I wrote them down, I guess I'll have to follow them...and as soon as I put this in writing I was avalanched with editing jobs.


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