Monday, December 24, 2012

On the Eve of Christ's Birth

What was it like on the eve of Christ’s birth 2,000 years ago? We know the town was packed with travelers and unaware of the special event unfolding in a dark, stinky cave, but what was Joseph thinking?  As the night deepened and a new star rose to signify the birth of The King of Kings, what was Mary feeling?


It does no good to try to out-think God. He created it all and he keeps it in hand.
Bethlehem's shrouded in hazy blue.
Night stars twinkle in a deepening hue.
Lamplight flickers in houses and streets
dancing with shadows soft and replete.
We’ve darkness and quiet and solitude
tucked away in this barn from the multitude
that fills every nook of Bethlehem town,
every inn, every cot where one can bed down.

All I could find is this a place with the cows.
At least the deep straw is sweet by the plows.
And this cave is secure, our own little plot
for a private birth among the sheep in the lot.

That's something, although I must confess,
I thought God would provide for us better than this.

Eight days to regain strength; make sure the child is well
then we will dedicate him at the holy temple.
What a day that will be. Yes, it will all work out,
although my nerves grow more raw with every birth shout.

Lullaby for the Arrival

Jesus gave up all the power and riches of heaven to become human. It was a step down from Creator to created. He became as we are—helpless, dependent, and needy.

Welcome, baby, sweet and new
my heart is full of love for you.
Your grip and squall are very strong.
Hush, son, listen to my song.
Suckle, Jesus, and be content.
We're glad you're here, Little God-sent.

These are two poems from "Journey to Christmas". Download your copy at:

I wish you each a Merry Christmas filled with the hope and peace that Christ has to offer. May you never forget that the greatest wonders of this world come at a price that often includes pain and suffering and uncertainty, but that Jesus assures us he is worth it all. May your personal Journey to Christmas be awe-inspiring. God bless.


  1. ☆ * :: *: ☆ Merry Christmas ☆: * :: * ☆
    Thanks for the wonderful gift.
    Poem is very nice.
    Japan today is a 50-minute time at 6:00 pm on the 24th.
    My name is Ryoma Sakamoto.

  2. Thank you, Mary. What lovely thoughts. The book looks beautiful.

  3. A Christmas Book! Wonderful, Mary.
    I just purchased it for my Kindle and I look forward to reading it! Merry Christmas.

  4. Thank you Ryoma Sakamoto, Lisa, and Lori. I hope you enjoy it and find it thought provoking. Merry Christmas!


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