Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Life: Coming out of Storage

Greetings from the Northeast Ohio section of the Midwest!
(In school, I always wondered why they said Ohio was in the Midwest, when it sure looked like it was to the eastern side of the country! Now that I'm older and (hopefully) a little wiser, I think it's a mindset and style of living more than a geographic "thing.")

I'm gearing up to celebrate my very first Christmas in my own place. So as well as settling into my own home and figuring out where things should go, I'm taking all sorts of things out of storage that I haven't seen or used in years. Trinkets and treasures, mementos, "nifty junk" that I bought and put away with the intent of using it "someday" when I got my own place.

This includes ornaments.
When we were younger, Mom started a tradition of giving each of us kids an ornament of our own for Christmas. Many of my ornaments have dates on them -- either commercially dated, or written with a special pen, or a sticker with the date. I'm sad to say I have quite a few gaps. Ornaments either lost or broken or -- ahem -- "borrowed" over the years.

What's really interesting is that in unpacking my boxes, I've found ornaments and treasures I don't remember getting, yet obviously I saved because they had great meaning at the time ... but heck if I can remember now their significance. Such as a paperweight shaped like a pear, with lovely little blue flowers inside, like Venetian glass. Or a little tea set where the cups and plates look like apples with their leaves.

I'm sure there's a lesson to be learned in all this, but it's still in the formulation phase. What does it say about the things we treasured once, but don't anymore? Are we getting wiser, less materialistic -- or just old and forgetful? And what about those treasures we thought we'd find when we unpacked ... things we remember clearly being in that storage box ... but aren't there, and we can't remember getting rid of them?
What will I pack away at the end of the holidays -- and will they be surprises when I unpack next year?

Maybe I need to learn to stop putting things in storage for "later," and learn to enjoy it all right NOW.

Merry Christmas, and may you make many precious memories that remain forever!


  1. Enjoy your Christmas--it'll be so exciting, having the first one in your new home.

  2. Welcome, Michelle! Keep those happy memories dancing!


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