Thursday, December 13, 2012

He Dumped Two!

One of the positive aspects of raising your kids on a farm is that they can learn a good work ethic early. Our #1 son loved to farm. He still does, working as part of the family farm. #2 son isn't farming but studying something called Society/Geology and the Environment. Now you know  exactly what I do about it.

#1 would get off the school bus, eat something, change into work clothes and I'd take him to find his dad or granddad. Harvest time was his favorite and may still be. He's married. Usually he'd be put in a tractor to haul in. This means to go to the field where they are combining with a wagon hooked to the tractor. The combine augers the corn into the wagon to be hauled so it can be unloaded. This is repeated until the entire crop is harvested.

This particular year #1 was maybe 12 or 13. He'd been running a tractor for several years by then and was used to the job. There was one tractor  the head and side lights glared off the windows. Granddad put #1 in that tractor. Grandmum later let him know what she thought of that.

Darkness came and #1 was hauling 500 bushels of corn in the wagon. He took a corner a little close because he couldn't tell where the edge of the road was. The wagon tipped over. #1 was sitting on the steps of the tractor when his dad came along. No cell phones back then.

#1 didn't get into any trouble but Granddad did.

When grain is spilled there is a machine you can rent that vacuums it up. We call it a grain sucker. They rented the machine and cleaned up the corn.

Later that week #1 son flew off the bus, jumping as he ran, yelling "He dumped two, he dumped two." His father had dumped two wagons full of corn when a hitch pin broke.

Sophie Dawson author of Healing Love and Lord's Love

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  1. That made me chuckle this morning. With our family-owned campground, we are much like a farm and the kids (who are now grown) started working at a rather young age. I love it when we sit around and tell stories like yours. Things like that really bond families together. :-)
    Thanks for the smile!


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