Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Trees? We've Got 'Em

In our house it isn't which ornament is a favorite but which tree. I didn't start out with a desire to put up multiple trees, it just kinda happened that way.

We've already talked about the Packer tree, which goes up in September at the start of football season. That's probably my oldest tree, since I've had it since before I got married. 

But then we started a new tree when we got hitched, combining ornaments and even making a few new ones together.

Then there's the "Madeline tree," which has Madeline shrinky dinks on it that we all made one night together. See those little Eiffel Towers? They were the place cardholders at our wedding. My mom scooped them up at the end of the night and gave them back to us. I was glad she did!

We started traditions that centered around our Christmas trees, also. For example, we've purchased a Starbuck's ornament for every that we've been married because that's where we had our first date. (Say it with me: awwwwwww!) At first the ornaments went on the big tree but now we have enough that they make up their own smaller tree.  

We also took a picture of us every year at Christmas and put them in silver, frame ornaments. We now have enough where they have their own little tree.

We also have a cute little tree that goes on the bathroom counter. I got all the ornaments and the tree for 75 cents. (Check those after Christmas sales!) It goes nice with the black and white Paris theme that we already have in the bathroom. (Aren't the poodles adorable?)

We have a "USA" tree. I'm not sure how this one started. It was probably during the bicentennial. I do remember that no one wanted these dorky ornaments anymore and of course I took them and put them up. (Who could say no to that Uncle Sam?)

Of course, we could not call ourselves geeks without our Godzilla tree. When we first got married I suggested that DH take a few of his Godzilla action figures and put wire around them so we could hang them on the tree. Aren't they cute? Mothra serves as the tree topper.

This teeny tiny tree has been passed back and forth between my mom and I several times. At first it was my mom's and she had it on a little side table in the living room. After a while she gave it to me for my apartment. I gave it back to her, and they we put it up in my granny's nursing home room. Now it's back with me again.

I've got trees that have old family ornaments, one that has present ornaments (don't ask), and at some point I think I should create one that satisfies the Tudor fiction lover in me. Maybe with action figures and teeny tiny ornament copies of my favorite Tudor books?

We'll see.


  1. LOL. You have more trees than I have rooms in my house! Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Tooo fun - and funny! We have ONE.


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