Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Considerations

I was wearing this T shirt the other day. It’s a shirt we have for sale in our church bookstore, The Word Shop. The T shirts are for the Grinch play How Christmas Saved the Grinch. For those who don’t know we have a large, wonderful production that God has slathered his Holy Spirit all over and it is fantastic. For more information, check the end of this post.

Anyway, I was walking out of Hobby Lobby with this T shirt on and God addressed me. “Diane, if you’re going to wear this shirt, put a smile on your face. You’re advertising my business and I want it represented correctly.”

I realized that I was so deep in thought about the next thing I had to do that I was frowning. I did not have a cheerful countenance at all.

That in turn got me thinking.

How many other incidences lately have been because someone is overwhelmed stressed to the max and otherwise have their head three steps in front of themselves.

I would just like to encourage us all to give others a little space.

If the cashier is grumpy, try to speak an encouraging word.

If someone rushes in front of you and doesn’t hold the door open, just make sure you are polite to the person behind you.

“Thank you, No Problem and I Appreciate it” are great comments to have at the ready.

Let a visibly stressed person ahead of you in line when you’re checking out.

Get real crazy and pay for the person behind you in drive thru.

Be patient. I am always reminding myself to be patient. Not everyone is at the ready to pay their bill, move out of your way or place their order.

We just need to slow down, accept that things are going to take a little longer and if we are a few minutes late the world will not wobble.

There are three weeks until Christmas. Three weeks to spread good cheer, celebrate, give gifts and most of all see through all the lights, fluff and stuff.

Take a few minutes to approach the manger and gaze into the face of the child who started this whole wonderful season. We know the true meaning behind the tinsel and the bows.

But, the person beside us in the grocery aisle may not. Let’s not distort it any more than the world does. Let’s show Christmas by our actions.

Here is a link concerning our Who-wonderful presentation of How Christmas Saved the Grinch. If you can’t come, you can watch live. http://www.reslife.org/Home/Events/How-Christmas-Saved-The-Grinch.aspx
You can also follow our everyday farm family fun at: www.afarmwife.com



  1. Good reminders to us all, Diane. Thanks!

  2. That's a good list, Diane, especially after my wild and weird past few days. Thanks for sharing.

  3. So many expectations and so many stresses in life are amplified in December, aren't they? Thanks for the breather and a sane guide for the holidays.

    Sometimes I think, "Can't we all just sit and sip hot chocolate mint together???" Christians should be the most joyful of all during December.

    Love your post.


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