Sunday, December 9, 2012

Anticipation - for a Reason

Here in West Michigan, we've had scant snow so far this season. Sure, it's only December 7 (as of my writing this, anyway!), but generally there's been at least  a bit of the white stuff (more than the trace amounts we got last month) by this time.
Notice the lack of snow - this picture was taken Friday out my back window
Personally, I'm not very disappointed. Sure, I like snow. To look at. To watch my kids play in. To walk through (sometimes). But I really, really do NOT like driving in it - and I'm the sole driver in my family (check out this post for more details on that). So, for me, no snow may not be pleasing, but it's certainly not a bad thing.

My kids, however, are another story. My daughter enjoys playing in the snow, and is anxiously awaiting the first "real" snowfall. After the pittance of white stuff we got last year, she is definitely hoping for some real accumulations - and a white Christmas.

And then there's my son. In general, he's  not much of an outdoors kinda guy, but this year he might have a bit more anticipation than usual. Because of a new toy he got - six months ago.

excuse the mess
Yep - back in JUNE, he got his hands on his very first snowboard. It's been sitting in our library ever since, waiting for a chance to be used. I'm pretty sure he has no idea how to use it (I know I'm
clueless), and he certainly hasn't had much of an opportunity to  learn and/or practice his skills over the last couple dozen weeks. But I'm also fairly certain that once the opportunity presents itself, my generally impatient son will be giving it a try.

But until then? I'll just be thankful I haven't needed to drive through any snow drifts yet.(and FYI - we DID get some snow yesterday - but it didn't even fully cover the grass - and it was melted by afternoon)


  1. How about today?? :-) We've got a couple inches since we woke up this morning & it's still coming...
    PS - I like to look at it, too. Beautiful next to the water & covering the pine trees, but I can live without it on the roads!

  2. We've been getting a dusting here and there, Holly - but it's certainly not sticking. And it's the back and forth between snow and rain stuff. CERTAINLY not enough for the snowboard.

  3. Been a strange coupla years for sure in the Midwest. we're getting our first blast today - about an inch and ahalf so far...The ski hill made snow for Thanksgiving weekend and had a couple of sessions of open skiing and boarding. Come visit this side of the pond!

  4. I'm with you. Snow -- I can take it or leave it. Leaving it makes it lots easier to get out there and do my chores. But I've also decided that the only way to live around here and endure winter is to embrace it when it comes. I'm glad its held off, but now that it's here, I'll go with it!


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