Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Few of My Favorite December Things

I get a bit nostalgic the week after Thanksgiving, thinking of Decembers past and wondering what this one will hold. I hope you don't mind hanging out with me while I count some blessings and think on all this wondrous, delightfully crazy season has in store.

Granddaughter birthdays--December 23 and 24. Now those were great Christmas presents!

Raising up a new generation of Cheeseheads.

A jumble of boys of all ages.

Catching snowflakes on your tongue.

Shoveling snow from inside the house.

How can you not love Wisconsin winter?

My b-i-l in disguise.

Christmas brunch at the Grand Geneva Resort in Lake Geneva,.

Thanks for indulging me! May your Christmas be filled with joy!


  1. Becky, thanks for sharing your fave December things. Brunch at the Grand Geneva in Lake Geneva made me smile. We went there for the Thanksgiving buffet a few weeks ago and it was so good! This is the fourth or fifth time we've gone there. I'm so blessed to live only an hour or so away from my Wisconsin and my hometown.

  2. Your snow pictures remind me of some snows we've had in Ohio although I must admit, I've never been tempted to shovel snow from inside the house ;-)

  3. I love peeking at your life, Becky! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Becky, WOW! I didn't expect to get such a great idea from your post---I never thought about going at it from the inside! Brilliant. But it's been T-shirt weather the first few days of December. When will Wisconsin wax white???

  5. Well, that was fun! Loved your view from your Wisconsin window. :)

  6. Loved your pictures! Wish we would have some snow like that for Christmas this year. And the brunch at the Grand Geneva - oh, my! Have a wonderful holiday!

  7. I enjoyed all the pictures and the opportunity to peek at your life, Becky. Thank you for sharing December beauty from your perspective. Such a treat!

  8. Go Cheeseheads... er... Packers! Nice pictures. Looks like lots of fun.


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