Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thoughts on Life

Recent events in my life have me thinking a lot about . . .

The blessed life of a kingdom kid.

It’s one of those phrases that we look at and immediately think (or I do) of someone who seems to live a charmed life. No struggles. Perfect health. Family’s intact. Financially comfortable.

Make sense?

Lately, though, I’ve seen something quite different. Sincere people who love their God and serve Him faithfully, follow their dreams to bring glory to Him, seek Him diligently, are also facing trials, trauma, death, divorce, family crises, financial struggle (sometimes ruin), or whatever else that might threaten to rob them of peace and joy.

Sound like anyone you know?

Often, I hear the question: If God is so loving and good, why . . .?

Maybe this isn’t the place or the time. Maybe I’m out of line. Or Maybe I can encourage someone today.

Scripture tells us that we will be reviled, persecuted, and beat down for Jesus’ sake. We will face tribulation. We will see the glory of God revealed in our difficulties. And He truly does love us to greater measures than we’ll ever be able to fathom. Whenever I've needed encouragement from Him, it's been there.

He gives strength. Hope. Grace. Without which, I'd certainly fall apart, give up.

There is an adversary who desires to destroy and kill and steal. He works diligently to strike us where it will cripple us. If he can bring us, like Job, to the place where we’ll curse God, then he’s won a battle. Satan wishes to squelch the message God’s put on our heart. Like Job, we can choose to trust in the faithfulness of God and cling to His goodness. In the end, all will be restored, even better than it was before.

This week, I had the privilege of reading a book that shares a message my heart resonated with. I could relate to the main character. In the end, I cried as the character struggled with faith, love, and hope. God.

Like Job, the protagonist came through with an understanding of who God is. The answer is no longer, "I've heard about You." It is now, "I've seen You."

I  have also  been blessed with the opportunity to pray for the author. Life weighs heavily on the author’s life. Discouragement would love to strangle the message(s) birthed in the imagination. It does for all of us, in varied degrees.

Connecting the dots between this author and the call of God on their life has reaffirmed in me what I’ve sensed for some time now. Those gifts, desires, talents, hopes, dreams that God has so lovingly and meticulously placed inside each of us has eternal value and must be guarded. Struggle, heartache, loss, discouragement, or distraction will come along and attempt to derail our purpose.

Anyone who knows me also knows what I face on a daily basis . . . or at least a portion of it. I won’t give in. I won’t let go. Not of God’s purpose for my life, nor of His purpose for yours.

I can relate to Peter when I ask, "Where else would I go and find hope?"

You’re worth fighting for.

You are a child blessed by the King who we will one day see face-to-face.


  1. Like I said before - this is what God gave me. Real equals results, fake fuels fear. Thanks for being real.

  2. "Where else would I go and find hope?" Karls, thanks for blessing and inspiring me twice this morning! Hugs!

  3. Thank you, my dear sweet Karls. Blessings to me too - from you. Thanks.

  4. You all are great encouragers. Thank you.

  5. I don't know why you thought you might be out of line. But I do know why you thought you might bless and encourage someone. You absolutely did. I love you and I'm praying for you.

    1. Thanks, Cat. Second thoughts tend to act like a burr in the saddle. But I'm glad I went ahead with this.


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