Saturday, November 10, 2012

Moose, and more..

It's that time of year again.

Hunters are decked out in orange, sitting in their deer stand,  and hoping for that big buck to walk by.

I grew up in a family of hunters, but it's just not my thing. My sisters hunt, but  I guess I'm too much of a city girl.

However, in the spirit of the season, a friend dropped of a treat for me today.

Moose Droppings!

A store opened up in Minnesota. It's called: Droolin Moose, and they have the greatest treats!
These "Moose Droppings," are actually huge malted milk balls, dipped in chocolate.

 You can also get: Squirrel Bait, which is chocolate covered peanuts, or Almond Trails. Almonds covered in chocolate.

So, here's to hunting..Minnesota style!

Happy Fall!



  1. We don't have moose but we do have deer. Unfortunately we can't hunt them inside the city limits where they've taken up residence and any time they want to reduce the herds, there are people who get in an uproar about it. So we spray deer repellent over the yard and hope that we get to enjoy the flowers a little before they get eaten. Guess I should be thankful they're not moose.

  2. Yes, Karen, that would be amazing...inedible moose tracks (an ice cream in WI is so flavored). Urban deer, such a problem. My guys are in total hunt mode. My oldest son works on his mater's degree program in between sitting and waiting; the big opening weekend is coming up where three generations of men will sit outside and wait patiently for hours. How does that work, when they can't sit still any other time, for more than ten minutes? Must save it up all year.

  3. I want to go hunting chocolates too:)
    Have a nice week end MIchelle. Good to know other side of you:)

  4. I belive its michelle grieps blog or not? Sorry, I read that your name is Lisa, but it was under Michlles " my other blog". I have fun though reading your post:)

  5. You gotta love those creative northwoods snacks! I used to be a hunter - ever since I was a kid. But now that my kids are grown, I mostly hang around the house and go out to help track or drag or take pictures when somebody gets something.
    God bless!


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