Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hunter's Holiday

Happy holiday. In this area, today is a local holiday, and kids, that means no school! Seriously, no school.
  November 15th, also known as 'opening day', marks the beginning of firearm season for deer hunters, so this northern part of Michigan is flooded with guys & gals in blaze orange who just happen to be carrying loaded rifles.  Somebody in school adminstration got smart back in the day and decided that we needed to have this day off - and hey, let's call it 'safety day'.  
With all the gunfire on the morning of opening day (it's sometimes louder than the 4th of July and this town is known for some pretty good fireworks!), I can understand why keeping the kids at home (at least those too young to hunt, because the older kids are out in the woods, too) is a good idea. Lots of kids wait for the bus in rural, wooded areas, where deer and bullets are abundant. 
  It did occur to me, though, that those same smart administrators just might have recognized that a lot of faculty and staff and bus drivers seemed to call in sick or take leave on the 15th of November each year...not to mention that he (or she) could possibly have wanted the day off, too.
One of my favorite stories about safety day is from an old principal of mine, who hailed from one of those Detroit suburbs (sorry I can't remember which). His first teaching job was in a rural town up here in the north woods. He thought the other teachers were playing an elaborate joke on him when they told him that November 15th was a school holiday. He refused to believe them and showed up for work... to a totally empty high school. *Smile*
   Hope you all have a safe & happy day!
~ Holly


  1. School isn't called off in our part of Wisconsin, but to my husband and sons Opening Day should be a national holiday. No mail, banks closed, the whole shebang.

  2. No kidding, Prude. If only Wisconsin was that progressive.

  3. Speaking from the more urban area of Ohio, school still goes on. Not sure if our farming areas might call it off though. Makes good sense with eager hunters.

  4. Prude & Lisa - I'm surprised to hear that Wisconsin doesn't have time off, I think you must have as many hunters as northern Mich! Hi Karen, our urban areas don't get the day off, either. I'd never heard of this practice until we moved up here. :-)
    It's a beautiful day to be outside, that's for sure!

  5. I am floored that you have a hunting holiday! LOL, I love that! We live by the river so when hunting season starts, we hear multiple shots fired. I restrict my hunting to clay targets, but I have no objections to hunting, since we have no natural predators to keep animals from starving if they weren't hunted.

    I love reading about different parts of the Midwest. And I've always loved Michigan, so it is cool reading about things like this. Thanks, Holly.

  6. Tooo funny Holly! We don't get it off either. And if you'd told me you did 20 years ago, I would NOT have believed it. But now? I believe it :)


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