Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Cumberland Covered Bridge in Matthews, Indiana over the Mississinewa River
My husband and I ride our Harley motorcycle back and forth to many of Indiana's landmarks all summer long. This year one of the stops on the tour happened to be the Cumberland Bridge, or now known as the Matthews Covered Bridge, just down the road from us. We had saved this ride until last and that happened to be just last weekend on the last beautiful day of fall. 

This bridge floated down the Mississinewa River back in the Flood of 1913. It was damaged and even recovering the wood from it was going to be a daunting task, but the good people of Matthews, Indiana endeavored to do more than that--they brought it back with mules and logs, re-establishing it back in it's proper place! What an amazing task this was. But how many people actually know about their determination? It isn't even common knowledge in our county, much less elsewhere. 

What's more, this bridge is still in use and every second weekend in September, there is a Covered Bridge Festival in Matthews because it still looks magnificent in strength and beauty--a testament to the resilience we possess. 

I was getting really discouraged by the selfish attitudes I was seeing in the news, in the looting/stealing of goods, by what the press says the American people want, but this little trip to Matthews--in my backyard--gave me hope that there are still people who are caring and good among us. Don't be discouraged by the negative and entitlement-possessed people who seem to all have their own shows on TV. Get out and see what real people do when need be--people who go quietly along helping each other like it's just a given with generous hearts and lives

This photo is on the display at the bridge depicting the Flood of 1913

The men of Matthews who righted the bridge after the flood 
The display at the bridge of how the Cumberland Bridge was brought back after the flood of 1913

From inside the bridge

Cars, trucks...and motorcycles still use the bridge

The Mississinewa River on a calm, November day in 2012


  1. What a story of encouragement and pride in community. Thanks, Crystal, for sharing!

  2. Very interesting! Thank you for sharing this story - I love to read pieces like this. I'm also with you on the stories we see on TV - sometimes we need to get outside and see reality to refresh our spirits. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. My internet was down yesterday so I didn't get to respond to you all.

    Lisa, thanks for reading! You're such an encourager.

    Holly, I love looking for things like this, too. As discouraged as I've been the past week, I need to look for more of this, just to keep my sanity running. Thank you so much for stopping by to encourage me, too.


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