Thursday, November 1, 2012

Autumn in Iowa

Posted by Elaine Marie Cooper

AH, autumn in Iowa! So lovely and colorful! It is the favorite season of many an Iowan and no wonder. The fruits of the earth are large, colorful, and decorative, bringing the beauty of the countryside into the marketplaces.

The trees are rich with hues befitting royalty. Instead they lend their colors to the simple homesteads of patriotic neighborhoods.

The cornfields—so numerous throughout the state—are now plowed under, regrouping their energies for spring planting. Sleep well, fallow fields of dreams.

Always ripe for political discussion, Iowa is a hotbed of candidates' rhetoric as the swing state is wooed by both sides. Dinner discussions must be lively in this household! :)

And with the start of November, the neighbors in Iowa gear up to attend the polls, and then plan for something more uplifting than an election—the holidays!

From the neighborhood in Iowa,



  1. Hues befitting lovely!

  2. Wait, you mean there is light at the end of the election tunnel! Yippee!!!!!

  3. "Sleep well, fallow fields." Loved this line.

    Delightful post, Elaine.

  4. Dear ladies, you'll make me blush...thanks! And Prude, yes, there is a Christmas light at the end of the tunnel!!

  5. Thanks for the walk through - it was lovely


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