Monday, September 17, 2012

The Soup-er Bowl Season

The football season before last, my family decided to make a different soup for every week of the season. We decided to try out some new recipes and make a few favorites, and just to be super dorks we would make a scrapbook for the whole thing.

I found the perfect scrapbook for this project, and set out to commemorate the season!

Why would we do this? It certainly wasn't because we thought the Packers were going to the Superbowl that year, although they did make the playoffs the year before.

We decided to try out as many new soup recipes as we could on our football days. I liked the routine of coming home from church, cutting up veggies and stuff, and then enjoying the game as the smells from a big pot of soup boiled away on the stove.

We even scrapbooked about our soups from week to week. (I told you we were dorks.) I created a list of all the soups we made, I collected highlights of that week's game, and we took pictures of the soup we made that week.

I even finished out things with a little mixed media page.

Then suddenly something fabulous started to happen. The Packers went to the Super Bowl. Naturally, since we were carefully choosing soups each week (many had a "theme" depending on who we played) I was certain that we helped conjure up just the right vibes that got our team to the big game. (Or, they were just really good. Yeah. Could be that.)

So I collected some highlights from the Super Bowl when they won.

Last year, we thought we'd try something new, and we made different sandwiches each week rather than soup. We thought this must have had magic properties as well since the Packers started out undefeated and stayed that way almost through the entire season. But then... the unthinkable... no Super Bowl. No Super Bowl?

No more sandwiches! It had to be the sandwiches!

This year, we're back to soup. We're back on the Road to the Soup-er Bowl. So what if we're 1-1, we beat our division rivals and we're going all the way.

All the way I tell you!

Since we're two games into the season, these are the soups we've made so far. I've linked to the ones that can be found on the Internet. Some of the recipes are just ones I make up. We all have a few of those, right?

The Soup Kickoff:

First week: Asparagus Soup

Delicious recipe but the Packers lost. Coincidence? Not sure at this point. I also made French bread, but I know the loss isn't because of that because we ate the rest of it during the Da Bears game Thursday, and they won. (See how the mind of a fan works? The mind of a fan who cooks soup! Bwwa ahahaha!) Here's the French bread recipe if you're interested. It's very easy and makes two loaves.

Second week: Hamburger Soup

This is a recipe I do make up (and I'm sure everyone has a recipe like this) but I did write mine down in case you're interested. (And since the Packers won, it may also have good luck properties. Just saying.)

Here are the rest of the soups we have planned out for this year:

  • Turkey Soup (uses the leftover Thanksgiving stuffing to make dumplings and is a great way to use up whatever you have in the house)

  • Corn Chowder With Zucchini and Orzo
  • Split Pea and Ham
  • Potato and Leek
  • Italian Chicken and Vegetable
  • Provencal Vegetable (another Ina recipe)

Overtime Recipes:

As you can see, Ina Garten wins the prize for the most fabulous soup recipes. (Ina, I know you're from the Eastern States but if you happen to be reading along, I think you might have fun coming over for a Packer game. Give me a call.)

Speaking of which, here's a couple recipes that didn't make the cut this year, but are really good if you want to give them a try.

Lentil Sausage Soup

Yes, yet another Ina recipe, this one from her Barefoot in Paris book.

The French green lentils are peppery and delicious and go really well with the saltiness of the sausage. I looked everywhere for the lentils, and was about to give up (because either the stores didn't have them or they were too expensive) but then I found them very reasonable at Outpost.

The soup is very filling. In fact, all of these are, which is one reason I enjoy making them. They go a really long way, and act as either lunches for the week or a second meal for us.

There are a couple more soups that got "cut" from this year's menu, but are still good "players." If you need a few more recipes to add to your "roster," give them a try.

  • Get your produce at Wal-Mart if you can, and if not, Woodman's has it cheap as well.
  • Stock up on plastic containers to either freeze the leftovers or take for lunches.
  • Get your more expensive spices (yes Saffron, I'm talking to you) at Penzey's. They buy in bulk and everything is cheaper than the grocery store.

Anything else? Oh yes, enjoy each soup beneath the light of your Packer tree.


  1. Too fun! Really enjoyed this post - and may have to give some of these a try.

  2. What a wonderful story! That's an amazing family activity & I absolutely love that you made a scrapbook to go with it. What fun times you'll have looking back and laughing over shared soup-er memories.

  3. I'm impressed, Cherie. Not only soup, but a scrapbook to accompany. The turkey and the vegetable soups look especially delicious to my eyes. Nice post. Go Pack!

  4. Hey thanks guys! It has been a very fun thing for the family, and we've already looked back at the scrapbook and laughed about our season AND favorite soups. LOL

    Lori: That turkey soup recipe is so good, and I love that it uses EVERYTHING left over from Thanksgiving, including the stuffing.

  5. What a great idea! The turkey soup looks especially yummy. Going to try out some of these!

  6. Oh, those all look SO GOOD! Now I'm in the mood for soup. It's very cold and rainy up here by Superior today. Soup would be just the ticket.

  7. Cherie! I am not a Packers fan...but I love what you did! What fun. So many great soup recipes here, but I just love how you scrapbooked it and that the Packers (you Cheeseheads, you!) came through for you.

    This was great!

  8. By the way, the lentil sausage soup looks like something I want to try! :)


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