Friday, June 1, 2012

July Garden In May

Posted by Elaine Marie Cooper

Although I’ve lived in Iowa for 23 years, I have never grown a stalk of corn.

For anyone who might think I am stretching the truth, OK—there was once a corn stalk found growing in my perennial garden. Some squirrel apparently decided to plant a kernel of his winter cob amongst my sleeping flowerbeds.

Other than that, my garden plays host to just perennials that are reminiscent of an English Garden.

There is something therapeutic about taking in the sight of abundant floral beauty in the midst of a busy city neighborhood that makes you think you’re in the country—even when you’re not. Remember the old story of the country mouse and the city mouse? I am more akin to the former mouse that enjoys the calm and natural surroundings of the rural life. But since I cannot live in the country, I am content with surrounding myself with beautiful blossoms to soothe my soul.

This year has been especially kind to my garden. Record heat has turned this Iowa garden into a veritable tropical paradise (for the Midwest anyway) and I for one am delighted.

My May garden looks more like a July surprise!


From the lush garden in Iowa (that I know I need to weed, but, hey, I was at conference last week...) :-)



  1. Looks great to me! Thanks for the lovely photos of your flows.

  2. Beautiful garden, Elaine. It is a crazy summer-looking spring, isn't it? Even the birds have raised their second batch of babes.

  3. Lovely. When the heat returns to Wisconsin I should remember to take a look at these photos again. The garden looks cooling and soothing.

  4.! But I love the results. Hoping you STILL have that kind of beauty in July!

  5. Well done, Elaine. You squeezed three months in a short post. A July-looking garden pictured in May, and posted on the first of June.

    Thank you for sharing a bit of your corner of Iowa with the rest of us. Loved the yellows and purples.

  6. Thank you, Ladies! Glad you could enjoy my flowers from afar!

  7. Beautiful! It has been a great year for an early start.


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