Monday, September 26, 2011

What a Mom is Really Thinking...

       -   What my kids say to people on the other end when they get to the phone and answer (and hang up) before I do?

-         Why my kids put 81 bottles of red food coloring in the pancakes that they made for my Valentines’ Day Breakfast in Bed?

-         What was my sister thinking when she made a full-size macramé refrigerator for my birthday gift?

-         What was my neighbor thinking when he attached the baby stroller with a rope to his bicycle?

-         What was my husband thinking when he planted 1,700 watermelon seeds in our 4 inch x 4 inch garden plot?

-         Why the mayor won’t let me have goats in my city yard so I don’t have to mow the lawn?

-         Where are the tiny little green army men who are willing to scrub my dirty bathroom while I sleep?

-         Why the number of Bazooka Jo Bubblegum wrappers is over 1,000,000 just to get a free whistle?

-         Why the most wanted Christmas toy is always in big supply in a city 12,000 miles from me?
-         Why my kids put purple koolaid in the piñata hanging in the living room over the beige couch?
Are you a mom or dad?  What you are really thinking?  Please leave a comment here below so it looks like people are reading this...

                                                By Cheryl Moeller (Made in the Midwest :)


  1. I don't know why this whole idea of having goats hasn't caught on! I think it's hysterical, and so green! California is doing why isn't the rest of the country buying goats?

  2. I am a mom with an empty nest. But let me tell you about my grandchildren!!!!


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