Thursday, September 29, 2011

If it doesn't look good, frost it

Recipe blogs are all well and good for those among us who can cook.
Or can at  least make pretty food.
The Prude doesn't do pretty food.
Any recipe blog she published would be categorized 'bloopers'.

Below is the proof.

The Prude's mother made something called 'apple slices'
Like apple pie, but bigger, more in the parallelogram family, and capable
of feeding more people.

The Prude, having many people to feed recently, decided to give it a try.
The immediate problem stemmed from The Prude's resistance to making homemade pie crusts.
Why bother when the rotund little doughy guy in the tall white hat makes those clever  rolls of  crust?

The Prude decided to stick with what she knows.
Inserting round shapes into rectangular containers takes some ingenuity.
But she persisted.

Something was clearly wrong.
The Prude decided to mush up the seams a bit
and hope that the baking process would add beauty.

It didn't.

But Prudes never give into despair. This one applied the panacea
used by cooks of ugly baked goods through the ages.


  1. I would've enjoyed it even before the frosting.


  2. As a former cake decorator I can tell you that icing does make the difference as far as beauty.

    But if it doesn't taste good they won't come back.

    The after picture of your treat makes me very hungry. Wonder if I have a protein bar handy?

  3. MY kind of cook :) Was it tasty???

  4. It turned out beautifully, Prude. I would love a piece right now.

    Thanks for the delicious post.

  5. The photo before the icing photo is cracking me up. Doing funny is better than doing pretty! Thanks!

  6. Okay - so I did an apple crisp tonight, with oatmeal instead of - whatever you used. Y'all made me hungry. Then hubby ate most of it. Guess I'll have to make another.

  7. I love apple crisp. Not only is it easier to make, but it is delicious.

  8. Dear Prude - I have an overwhelming desire to take you under my extra skin flapping wing and teach you the ways of farm house baking. It's such an easy delight. 2 Tips - don't get hung up on exact measurements - experiment and - the most important - take things out of the oven sooner - most people over bake their goodies.


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