Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Monday!

Monday begins the work week. And some people dread it. But I've always loved Monday.

My guilt ridden Pennsylvania Dutch heritage is still relaxed from a wonderful Lord's Day peace from the day before. Hearing a message from God's word is always uplifting.

And so I enter the work week refreshed. And even though I have so many projects to start, to continue, and to finish, that I don't even know where to start. . .  still the whole week stretches before me.

Beginning with Monday, I have six days to do my work. Now on Tuesday I will have on less day, so the tension might begin to build a bit.

But Monday is a fresh slate. The whole week stretches before me. And with six whole days I have choices. I might even um. . . read. Or take a nap.

So many choices I hardly know which to do first.

However this particular Monday eeek. I don't have a relaxed Monday today. Getting ready for the ACFW conference. Getting all the loose ends tied up.

Do I have all the bid sheets printed for the Silent Auction? Where did I store all that stuff I brought home last year? Where are the holders for certificates for edits,  and other writing services being offered this year? Where is the money box? Will this little bank do?

I'd really like to stay and chat awhile, but I better start searching and packing.

Q4U: Will I see you in St. Lewis this year?


  1. I'm the only one in my family who likes Mondays.
    Hope you get everything accomplished that your hand finds to do!

  2. Wish I were seeing you there! Have a WONDERFUL time - praying everything goes smoothly.


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