Friday, September 23, 2011

The Exact Center

From the "betcha didn't know" archives:

Wisconsin is really it.

I mean, the Midwest is groovy and all, all together, but if you want to get to the exact center of the northern half of the western hemisphere, you gotta come here.

To the Town of Rietbrock, that is. Section 14.

Marathon County.


Not that I'm biased, or anything.

Where the 45° 0′ N, meets th 90° 0′ W

This picture and notes were placed on the Historic Marker Database ( by September 14, 2007, by Keith L of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

From an article in the Wausau Daily Herald that is no longer available on the web: “...if you wanted to visit the spot’s counterpart in the southern half of the western hemisphere, you’ll be in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. You’ll be in the middle of the Indian Ocean if you visit the exact center of the southeast hemisphere. And the geographic cousin in the northeast hemisphere is located in northern China near Mongolia.”

Directions if you come to visit:
The Geological Marker is near Poniatowski, Wisconsin, in Marathon County, on Meridian Road 0.3 miles north of County R, about a twenty-minute drive west of Wausau, Wisconsin.

Now...I don't know about you, but as an author, my mind immediately sinks into crimes and misdemeanors that could take place here - the stuff of great novels. Tony Hillerman's got nuthin' on the Four Corners area. That's just the connection of four states. We got a quarter of the planet here.

What's happening in your neighborhood?


  1. Hey, I thought Cadotte made that claim to fame? Oh well. Funny, I grew up in Wis. Rapids not far from Wausau, and I never heard of Poniatowski. But there, they probably never heard of Kellner or Saratoga. :) Goofy Wisconsin towns... Love 'em.

  2. I'd much rather visit there than Mongolia.
    Although maybe you could have a center-of-the-globe trotting crime novel. Just a suggestion.

  3. Fun post - and yeah. Great place for folks in the northern half of the western hemisphere to meet up for some mayhem ;)

  4. I heard that Oshkosh, Wisconsin was the center of the universe...oh no, it was just my birthplace... ;-)


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