Sunday, October 17, 2010

meet Patty Wysong

Patty Wysong is a midwestern transplant. Her childhood years were spent on the coast of Maine, and as a teen she lived in the heart of the Andes Mountains of Ecuador, South America. Since her highschool graduation, Patty has lived in Illinois, first in Chicago while attending Moody Bible Institute, where she met her husband, Jim, and now deep in Southern Illinois where they're raising their five children. Although she still loves the ocean and the mountains, a great love for the wide open sky and growing fields has captured her heart.

Far greater than her love for the sky and the fields around her, though, is her love for her family and for God. God has been the constant in her life—a rock for her through the storms that sweep across the landscape of her life.

In addition to homeschooling her younger children, Patty does blog design, teaches basic blogging classes, formats self-published books, co-owns a Christian marriage site, and writes fiction and devotionals about Finding the extraordinary God in our ordinary lives. All this keeps Patty securely in the Funny Farm but it's God's Grace keeps her (mostly) sane and (usually) calm in her ordinary life.

When Patty isn't busy in the house, or when she needs some quiet, you'll find her spending time with Gracie, the dog she thought she'd never have that God sent as a visible reminder of His grace in her life. Gracie is a peaceful oasis in Patty's hectic life.

She will be posting on the first and third Monday of the month and will give you glimpses into life in the cornfields of Illinois where the only thing that grows faster than her kids is the corn around her house.

Patty readily admits to being a blogging junkie, but she rationalizes it as using a gift God has given her for His purposes. Helping Christian writers get their message out in an appealing format that draws readers in is something she is passionate about. Patty exercises her gifts by managing several group blogs and doing blog layout and design work. Contact her for more information.

She'd love for you to stop by and share a cup of kool-aid with her.

You can also find Patty on Facebook, at her blog Ordinary Lives  
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