Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bio for Mary Allen

Mary Allen is a life-long Hoosier. Except for being born in Brazil, she's never lived more than twelve miles from where she was raised. Content to enjoy close family relationships and the beauty of the area, she is happy to share these joys with other who take pleasure in the Midwest.

Mary and her husband, John, live with a wonderful, only slightly spoiled, GSP named Miles, who is known for his bird-dogging prowess. Their two adult children and three grandchildren live within bicycling range, if you consider twelve miles a nice jaunt.

With a view of a lake to inspire her, she writes mostly women's fiction, and is seeking publication. Previously she's been a feature writer for La Porte Herald Argus, created and maintained monthly newsletters for two organizations. A contributor to Constant Content, she can also be found on Facebook and http://hoosierink.blogspot. Mary was a finalist in the Romantic Suspense category of Genesis in 2009 and was named La Porte County Poet Laureate in 2010.

Her non-writing career has included residential construction business owner, Senior Pastor Administrative Assistant, office manager for an otolaryngologist and reconstructive plastic surgeon, Tupperware sale representative, Assistant Bookkeeper for Production Credit, and depending on how far back you want to go, soda jerk.

Little known fact: When reading a newspaper, Mary starts with the comics.

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